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We provide worksheets that indicate the data needed to prepare a detailed description of the reverse exchange that we propose to conduct on behalf of a Client. The written process description (we call it a “Pro Forma”) includes a summary of the theory of the process, a detailed summary of the relevant data, a detailed description of the roles, responsibilities, timing, documentation and deadlines the make up the process and a fixed-price quote for the fees.

Once you select the worksheet that applies to your situation, you can either download a fillable-PDF version, which can be completed at your convenience and emailed or faxed back to us, or you can complete and send an online version with no further delay. Once we have received the worksheet, we typically provide the written Pro Forma within 24 hours. If, for some strange reason, we think it will take longer, we’ll let you know when to expect our response. The worksheets are:

Delayed Improvement Exchange

Reverse Improvement Exchange

45-Day Identification for Delayed Exchange

45-Day Identification for Reverse Exchange

45-Day Identification for Delayed Improvement Exchange

Reverse Exchange

Delayed Exchange

Leasehold Improvement Exchange