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Continuing Education Programs

ExStra offers comprehensive courses on 1031 exchange strategies designed for real estate agents and brokers and for lawyers and CPAs whose practices focus on real estate transactions and on taxation. These courses generally qualify for continuing education credits. Obtaining CLE, CPE or CE credit is based on local procedures. Please contact us to discuss whether the courses are already authorized in your area and, if not, how to obtain authorization.

The courses are delivered in presentation format. A hardcopy of the slides and any supporting materials are provided during the course. Descriptions of the courses and outlines of the materials follows:

Advanced Reverse 1031 Exchange Strategies (2 hours of CLE/CPE credit)

This 2-hour course describes a series of advanced reverse 1031 exchange strategies. The intended audience is legal and accounting professionals practicing in the areas of tax and asset acquisition and disposition transactions.

Learning Objectives

The course provides a moderately detailed description of several sophisticated reverse 1031 exchange strategies that are increasingly applicable in the current climate of market conditions, interest rates and Client investment strategies. In addition, the course describes various decision and optimization criteria that can be formulated and analyzed on behalf of and to the benefit of a particular Client. Lastly, the course describes contemporary risk reduction strategies related to the use of specific 1031 strategies and Accommodator profiles.

Course Topics
  1. Basic terminology, §1031 and Rev. Proc. 2000-37
  2. Basic Safe-Harbor reverse exchanges
  3. Failure in Reverse Exchanges
  4. The economics
  5. Asset security, SOTA Entity Configuration
  6. Improvement Exchanges - reverse, delayed, leasehold
  7. Hybrid Exchanges - multiple forms, multiple properties
  8. Seller Carry-Back Structure
  9. Reverse Exchanges and Community Property
  10. Multiple Relinquished Property Structure
  11. Non-Safe Harbor Structures
  12. Partnership Matters - Drop & Swap
Contemporary 1031 Exchange Solutions (Up to 3 hours of CE credit)
Learning Objectives

The course provides a somewhat detailed introduction to both forward and reverse 1031 exchange strategies that is targeted for real estate brokerage professionals.

Deferred Exchange Course Topics (90 Minutes)
  1. Basic terminology
  2. Timelines
  3. Eligible assets
  4. Same taxpayer requirement
  5. Qualified Use requirements
  6. Investments and Residences
  7. Taxable "boot"
  8. 45 Day Identification requirements
  9. Related party issues
  10. Debt strategies
  11. Partnership strategies - drop/swap and swap/drop
  12. Failure in a deferred exchange
  13. Qualified Intermediaries
Reverse Exchange Course Topics (90 Minutes)
  1. The Opportunity
  2. Basic Forms
  3. Exchange Last - process, timeline, examples
  4. Exchange First - process, timeline, examples
  5. Lender Interaction
  6. Optimization - Deferred vs. Reverse
  7. Optimization - Exchange Last vs Exchange First
  8. Improvement exchanges
  9. Hybrid exchanges - consolidation
  10. Hybrid exchanges - diversification
  11. Reverse Exchanges in Non Community Property States
  12. Failure in a reverse exchange
  13. Non-safe-Harbor options