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About our Firm

Exchange Strategies Corporation was founded in 2006 to provide state-of-the-art reverse exchange accommodation services with un-matched responsiveness and asset security to Exchangors in all 50 states. We believe that if each exchange were properly optimized for its benefits to the Exchangor, then a reverse exchange would be the best choice in 35-40% of all exchanges.

Our target audiences are:

  • Clients - individuals, partnerships and corporations in all 50 states who exchange in very diverse circumstances. Our commitment is to 1) help our Clients achieve optimal economic benefit from the exchange strategy the employ, 2) provide state-of-the-art reverse exchange process with the best security devices available and 3) provide the highest level of responsiveness available in the industry.
  • Qualified Intermediaries – for those QIs that do not perform reverses or elect to outsource certain types of reverses, we provide a full range of cooperation modes (none of which are in conflict with their delayed exchange business) and cooperative marketing programs that will contribute to growth and increased market share.
  • Professional Advisors – for a growing audience of lawyers, CPAs and brokers, we provide a contemporary view of how to advise a Client on how various decision criteria, transactional issues and advanced exchange strategies can be structured to the Client’s benefit. We offer contemporary continuing education (CLE, CPE and CE) courses, each targeted for a specific audience, that describe both basic and advanced reverse exchange strategies as well as the interaction of 1031 with other strategies that may be used in parallel.

As we continue to expand our reach to Exchangors – both directly and in conjunction with their Advisors, we also continue to invest in exchange processes that are continually updated to reflect new guidance or findings, a service level commitment that is second to none and an unparalleled set of “failure proof” security devices that protect our Clients and their Advisors.