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Reverse 1031 Exchanges

A reverse exchange is a 1031 exchange in which the Replacement Property is acquired before the Relinquished Property is sold. Exchange Strategies Corporation (“ExStra”) is a 1031 exchange accommodator that focuses on reverse exchanges. Our state-of-the-art reverse exchange processes provide proactive attention to detail, real-time compliance to all the relevant guidance and the highest level of asset security in the industry. Our processes are applicable to every level of transaction complexity.

The Optimal Exchange Strategy

We believe that an exchange which is optimal given the Exchangor’s facts and circumstances will indicate a reverse exchange in 30-40% of all exchanges and more frequently when the assets are income-producing. Evaluating the optimization criteria is straightforward and the results are often surprising. Click here for more.

State-of-the-Art Exchange Processes

If your strategy includes a reverse exchange, you should ensure that the process conducted by the Accommodator you select provides the thoroughness, responsiveness and security that come from truly state-of-the-art processes. We set the bar in this regard due to our commitment to real-time compliance, unmatched responsiveness, flexibility, problem solving capabilities, process innovations that deliver additional tax efficiencies and the highest level of asset security available in the industry. Click here for more.