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Qualified Intermediaries

If you are a QI and elect to "outsource" some or all of your reverse exchanges, ExStra is the best choice available to you for the following reasons:

  • We seldom conduct delayed exchanges and are not in the business of accumulating deposits. This means that we’ll never be in a position to take delayed exchange business away from one of our Partners.
  • We have modes of cooperation with varying degrees of interaction between QI and Accommodator. Our preferred mode is when the QI executes the delayed or simultaneous exchange agreement while we provide the parking arrangement. This is especially useful for delayed improvement exchanges and hybrid structures where there is a combination of delayed exchange and Exchange Last applied to situations involving multiple properties.
  • We have a great deal of flexibility regarding often-difficult issues like the lack of environmental reports, less formal purchase and sales arrangements, assignments, venue and so on.
  • We provide non-safe-harbor reverse exchanges in several forms and have already established relationships with several providers of equity/capital as required in order to satisfy the attending burdens and benefits tests.

We work effectively in this regard with several dozen QIs around the country and would be delighted to work with you as well.